Palumbo's Ristorante began with...

My father Franco, my Uncle Marco and a paisan, Vito coming to America in search of their dream. After ten years of hard work in restaurants in Chicago and New York, my father's dream came true. He was sponsored to become an American citizen and bring his wife Rosa and their three children to America. My sisters, Franca and Mary, and I were finally on our way to America. A third sister, Anna, was born in America.

Before coming to America my father had been a chef while serving in the Italian Army. He was passionate about food and became a very respected chef in America. Enticed by the wonderful climate and opportunity, my family followed Uncle Marco to San Diego. I began my journey into the restaurant business in San Diego by washing dishes at Marco's in Coronado. I was soon promoted to pizza maker.

My father soon opened a restaurant, Marco's in Imperial Beach. Here my cooking experience took off. I learned as much as possible from the best. My family taught me all of the old family recipes and techniques, from hand made gnocchi and sausage to fresh pizza and breads. My father and I then opened Chef Frank's in Chula Vista. Here we enjoyed years of success. When Edy began helping out at Chef Frank's, it was not long before she became my wife in addition to cook and chief bottle washer.

After my father passed away, Edy and I decided to open our own restaurant, Palumbo's Ristorante in Bonita. We enjoyed a successful business there for over 10 years. While visiting Edy's family in Temecula, we fell in love with the Valley and decided to open an Italian restaurant in Old Town. You can find us at Palumbo's Ristorante on 5th Street preparing and serving our true authentic Italian dishes. Stop in and see us.